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Outdoorleisurely.com was established in 2017, and specializes in the business of Camping & Outdoors  products, both online and offline, for dealers and retailers world-wide. The company is based in Hangzhou.

Like many such enterprises , outdoorleisurely.com began with old friendships. The original vision for outdoorleisurely.com’s came from Red Ding and Carrie Wang, These “co-founders” are both coming into the prime of their careers and are continually seeking the essence of those activities that make left interesting and meaningful. The idea of spending  time in the great outdoors became a shared dream to guide us in dealing with outdoor products thus allowing us the possibility to create this vision of an outdoor lifestyle.


With the belief that spending time outside – whether climbing a mountain or taking a quiet hike – helps us to live a healthy, balanced life, outdoorleisurely.com provides various outdoor products including backpacks & bags, hammocks, tent & shelters, sleeping bags/pads, camping furniture and camping equipment for outdoor products dealers and camping groups  – as well as for those who wish to come to travel in China and are in need of advice and assistance.

Most of our items have obtained the Certificate of Professional Testing Organizations, including TUV or SGS. In regards to quality control, you will receive our follow up online video. If you want get more information about any of our products, please send email to customer service  red@outdoorleisurely.com


We focus on six primary product lines: backpacks & bags, hammocks, tents & shelters, sleeping bags/pads, camping furniture and camping equipment. We are firmly dedicated to the shared common interests and business growth of our customers.


The mission of outdoorleisurely.com is to partner with customers whenever we can meet to provide a comprehensive range of safe, high quality outdoor products, enjoy and participate in the enabling the enjoyment of the great outdoors and to help people to reach their fullest potential in life.

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