Fringed Swing Garden Bed Hammock

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    Project Description

    Key Features

    • Elaborated in a traditional beautiful fringed hanging.
    • The cotton hammock providing a healty and soft touch to skin


    • Model Number:B20184
    • Type:Fringed Swing Garden Bed Hammock
    • Material: 320g 100 % organic cotton(loneta), Off white
    • Dimensions:200*150cm (79″L x 59″W)
    • Weight: 3kg
    • Weight Capacity:150kg

    Product Description

    Traditionally handmade with fringed hanging, many suspension cords. It unites traditional craftsmanship with quality and exceptional comfort and beautiful looking and relax feeling with the macrame lounger, hammock is made with loneta cotton ,it is soft for extreme comfort and durability; Cotton helps in bringing down the severity of any allergic reaction and is perfect for providing a healthy and soft touch to’s perfect to use on garden, or interior of house, for terraces, balconies, or beside the beach.