Hammock Net Chair Cotton Rope Cradle Chair

///Hammock Net Chair Cotton Rope Cradle Chair
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    Project Description

    Product Description

    This hammock net chair featuring high quality 100% cotton rope with weave patterning in the traditional style plus the good quality of wooden bar, the soft and thick cotton rope holds up to 100kgs to make this an inviting seat for kids and adults alike at any time of day. it is lightweight and firm, very comfortable to seat with plenty of room to relax and stretch out. the hammock outfitted with a loop-end top and easy to hang almost anywhere! high quality construction ensures this hammock chair can be used longly.  it is perfect for  yard, patio, beach,camping, hunting ,hiking, traveling or any other outdoor and indoor activity.


    • Model Number:B20188
    • Type: Hammock Net Chair
    • Material: cotton rope, Wooden Stick
    • Dimensions for Hammock:90*90cm (35.4″L x 35.4″W)
    • Dimensions for Wooden Stick: Length: 35.43inch / 90cm, Diameter: 1.26inch / 3.2cm
    • Weight: 2kg
    • Weight Capacity:100kg

    Key Features

    • Large, Spacious, Comfortable & Relaxing
    • Easy to hang and assemble
    • Lightweight and convenient to carry or store
    • Sturdy & Stylish Design
    • Versatile & Muliti-use
    • Reliable & Long- Lasting