Wooden Curved Arc Hammock Stand with Hammock

///Wooden Curved Arc Hammock Stand with Hammock
    Wooden Curved Arc Hammock Stand with Hammock2018-12-07T03:09:51+00:00

    Project Description

    Key Features

    • 100% Solid woodstand
    • Polish wood stand finish with color customized.
    • Sturdy Hammock & Stand

    Wooden Stretcher Bars And Heavy-Duty Hanging Loops


    • Model Number:B20183
    • Type:Wooden Curved Arc Wide Hammock stand with Hammock
    • Material Of Stand: pinus sylvestris
      Material Of Hammock: Polyester Cotton
    • Overall Size: 320*100*100cm/350*120*130cm/400*120*120cm
      Size Of Hammock:200*80cm/200*150cm/200*150cm
      Weight Capacity:150kg/250kg/300kg
    • Weight: 21kg/30kg/33kg
    • Pack SIZE: 152*28*12.5cm/174*35*14.5cm/189*34*14.5cm

    Product Description

    The Wooden Curved Arc Hammock stand with Hammock is high-grade beautiful solid. the hammock stand  made from solid wood, called pinus sylvestris. the wooden stretcher bars and heavy-duty hanging loops ensure sturdy support no need other supports. the hammock made from polyester cotton which is strong then the mesh, the combination have a elegant looking, can located on balcony, backyard, garden and other outdoor living space. there are three size available for the stands here, also size is customized as well. The hammock is movable,  can use it on other outdoor activity place.